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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my insurance company tell me where I have to go for repairs?

   No. Your insurance company can not require you to have your vehicle inspected or repaired in a particular shop. It is your car, and it's your choice who repairs it. Your rights when dealing with insurance companies are outlined in NYS REGULATION 64

Do I need to get more than one estimate?

   No, you will probably not even have to get any repair estimates, most insurance companies have their own appraisers to evaluate the damage to your vehicle. What you need to do is make sure you have chosen a quality repair facility to do the work on your vehicle and let the shop deal with the insurance company for you. At Delarm’s Auto Body we’d be happy to handle everything with the insurance company for you.

Who will pay for my damage?

   If the damage is the result of negligence of another, you may collect from the negligent party who caused the damage. Hopefully, that party will have Liability Insurance that will pay you on behalf of their insured. With a copy of the accident report we can usually make a claim to the other party’s insurance company for you. If you have Collision Coverage or Comprehensive Coverage on your own Auto Policy, your insurance company should pay for the damage to your vehicle regardless of who may have been at fault in the accident or incident (assuming you have not intentionally caused the damage yourself). You would be responsible to pay the amount of your deductible. If you do not have Collision Coverage or Comprehensive Coverage, and the damage is not the result of negligence of another, then you will be responsible for the repairs to your vehicle .

Am I entitled to a rental car?

   If you are making a claim through someone else's liability coverage you are entitled to a rental car. Some insurance companies however, will require you to pay the bill and then submit it to them for reimbursement. If you are making a claim using your collision coverage, and have rental on your policy, you are entitled to a rental car. There may be limitations on how many days and how much per day they will pay. Check with your agent if you are unsure of what your policy covers. If you are using you collision coverage and do not have rental on your policy, you will be responsible for any rental charges.

What are "DRP" (Direct Repair Program) shops?

   The Insurance Companies have many different names for their DRP shops, (service first, pro shop, blue ribbon shop, etc...) They will try to sell you on the many benefits of using these shops, but, you should be aware of the reasons why your insurance company would like you to use these particular shops. DRP Shops have usually entered into an agreement with an insurance company whereby the shop will have agreed to 1) provide substantial discounts to the insurance company, 2) limit the scope of repairs as defined by an insurance company representative (hidden damage may be left un-repaired) , 3) utilize parts and materials as dictated by the insurance company, and 4) back the insurance company in the event a dispute develops between the vehicle owner and the insurance company. In return for these concessions and support the insurance company "directs" repairs to that shop. We are not saying that DRP shops will do inferior repairs. We just want you to be aware of the underlying motives of an insurance company referring or "steering" you to a specific shop or group of shops.

What are economy parts?

  What are economy parts? Economy parts is a euphemism for aftermarket or imitation body parts. There is extensive evidence to show that these "economy parts" are substantially inferior in fit, finish, corrosion resistance, and crash integrity. It would not be an exaggeration to say the future safety of your vehicle's occupants could be compromised if economy parts are used to repair your current damage. We strongly recommend against the use of economy parts. The use of economy parts is usually incorporated into the DRP shop agreements we referenced above.

What if additional damage is found during the repair?

   This is not an unusual situation and does not usually pose a problem. Quite often additional damage is found when the vehicle is opened up. In this situation, the repairing shop will simply notify the insurance company, who will probably send their appraiser back out to the shop to re-inspect the vehicle and reach an agreed price increase to repair this now-disclosed damage. As long as your vehicle is being repaired by a shop whose ethics and reputation you can trust . . . you will not have a problem!

Why should I choose Delarm's Auto Body?

  If you have been reading all the text that has appeared above, you are just beginning to understand how critical shop selection can be. You have the right to select the shop that will be repairing your vehicle. Remember, you are going to be driving your repaired vehicle . . . not the insurance company. Here are some things to consider when choosing a repair shop . . .

•  Shop should guarantee all work performed - (We guarantee all work performed on your vehicle, if you’re not completely satisfied with anything we did, let us know, and we’ll fix it. We want you to be happy)

•  Shop should work in your best interest - (We work for you, we do not have any agreements with any insurance companies, and we will work hard to ensure that you get the highest quality repair possible. This does not make us popular with the insurance companies, but our customer is you, and your satisfaction and safety is our primary concern.)

•  Shop should not use "economy" parts - (At Delarm’s Auto Body we will use only OEM body parts in the repair of your vehicle. They are parts made from the manufacturer of your car, to the same standards as the parts on your car.)

•  Shop should employ trained technicians - (We recognize the importance of trained technicians, our employees have been trained by “I-CAR”, ASE and PPG)

•  Shop should have the proper equipment to safely restore you vehicle to pre-accident condition - (Our shop is equipped with all the necessary equipment to repair everything from the smallest dent to the most serious collision damage.)

•  Choosing the right repair facility will be critical to your safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind when you get your repaired vehicle back. Take the necessary time to make the right decision.